Delighted to announce two important publications of the Department of Music History of the Institute of Ethnology !!!

Johann Joseph Ignaz Brentner: Instrumentální hudba [Instrumental Music], ed. Václav Kapsa (see more) a
Jan Kouba: Slovník českých hymnografů [Dictionary of Old Czech Hymnographers] (see more),
Joseph Anton Sehling: Latinské pastorely, ed. Milada Jonášová
(see more zde)

Brentner Instrumentalni         AcademusEditions Sehling 235x310Tisk obalka        Kouba menší


The Department of Music History of the Institute of Ethnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, v.v.i., the Baroque Ensemble Hof-Musici, the Centre of Baroque Culture in Český Krumlov and the Mozart Society of the Czech Republic, under the patronage of the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague and with the financial support of the Committee for collaboration between regions and institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences in 2017 is organising an International musicological conference Dido as an opera inspiration, 16th–17th September 2017 in the Centre of Baroque Culture in Český Krumlov.

michaela freemanov foto
 In Memoriam PhDr. Michaela Freemanová, Ph.D. (21. 11. 1946 – 15. 6. 2017)

I met Michaela – or "Míša" as she preferred to be called – Freemanová, then Kopecká, for the first time some fifty years ago, and remained since then, until her last days, in more or less regular professional and personal contact. In my brief recollection, I can therefore use a somewhat more personal tone than would be suitable for an official 'In memoriam' text.

We met for the first time at the beginning of October 1967, when we commenced, together with several other colleagues, our musicology studies at the Department of music history of the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, which was located these days in the ground floor of the Faculty of nuclear physics (... see more)



Delighted to announce two important outcomes of the collaborative project

nespatte hada   not a single snake in sight
in the Regional Gallery in Liberec
(Date: January 26, 2017 - April 30, 2017)
· A bilingual book of Nespatříte hada / Not a Single Snake in Sight... (with the study of Pavel Kordík: Like Bathing in a Crystal-Clear Pool of Water: The Blue Sky by Miloslav Kabeláč) is published along with this exhibition (ISBN: 978-80-86890-88-3).
The project is the result of collaboration between three participating institutions
of the Czech Academy of Sciences:
- Institute of Art History,
- Institute of the Czech Language,
- Department of Music History (Institute of Ethnology)
is outcome of the joined research project
"Art as the communication form" (Uměni jako forma komunikace)
supported by the Czech Academy of Sciences (Strategy AV 21).
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